Monday, July 19, 2010

my little piece of heaven

It's been months since I have wrote anything. I find that quite unfortunate. My life has been full and busy though, so I will not apologize.

So for now I will just attempt to begin writing again with a dream of mine, it's a big one. It's probably unrealistic for my life. But I've had this dream for a long long time, and I feel like I just want to get it out there somehow. So I'm just going to let it flow, type it as it comes. So bear with me if you like. Or wait until the next post.

A house, large, but humble. It's yellow with white shutters and a deep red colored door. A wrap-around porch with chairs and swings covered in pillows and blankets for when there is a chill in the air. Big open windows with light,polka dot curtains flapping in the breeze. Inside the ceilings are vaulted making it open and spacious. It is welcoming. There is a fire place with a mantle covered in art, my photos, little one's drawings, trinkets and memories. The furniture is comfortable but practical. Lots of pillows on the couches too. Colorful rugs cover the wood floors. With one special rug by the screen door where the big dark lab lays to watch his world and guard his people. The kitchen is bright and cheery. Vibrant colors with a retro feel. Black and white checkered floor, lots of spacious cabinets and counterspace. Plenty of room for cooking parties. The dining room beckons you to come and feast with a table big enough for not just family but any spontaneous friends who may show up. There is always room here. This house is a place people know they can always come to.
There is photography everywhere, my photography. High quality prints framed beautifully. There is a room for each child, and a beautiful guestroom that makes people feel at home. The master bedroom is a sanctuary. The bed huge and lush. The bathroom has a claw-foot tub for long leisurely soaks. It's cozy here.

This house, that is filled with laughter and joy, where the doors
are always open, is surrounded by beautiful green land. If you scream at the top of your lungs the neighbors still can't hear you. There is a huge oak tree behind the house in the middle of a meadow of wildflowers and tall grass. The meadow is often filled with games of tag and hide and seek. It has the best light as the sun gets low at the end of the day. Many photos are taken here. The oak tree contains a treehouse, a special place for the kiddos. It was built by strong hands and a big heart. There is a little creek a mile or so away. Sometimes we walk there sometimes we ride horses, to have picnics by the water or to cool off during the hot summer days. It's beautiful.

This house we have will be one that the kids long for while they are away at college. It will be the home they bring their future spouses to, to meet the family. It will be the summer get-a-way for our grandbabies. This will be home.

My ranch, my dream, my little piece of heaven.


  1. Sounds lovely. I'll join you for an iced sweet tea on the porch while our boys play knights together in the yard and the girls braid each others' hair under the tree.

  2. I just got all teared up, that sounds just perfect. I'll see ya there <3